Solace Urns FAQ

Here are the answers to some of our frequently asked questions. Don’t see your answer here? Shoot us an email at urns@solacecares.com

How long does it normally take to receive my urn?

We use UPS shipping which should arrive 5 to 10 days after your order. You can find more information on our shipping and returns page.


Do you offer expedited shipping?

We offer expedited shipping for an additional $50 for 2-day service. You can find more information on our shipping and returns page.


What sizes do you offer?

We offer two sizes, one full-size and another for a portion of remains. Our full-size urn is 11.5 high and 6 inches wide and will hold the industry-standard capacity of about 200 cubic inches (about 14 cups) which is suitable for anyone weighing 200 pounds or less.

Our keepsake urn is about half the size at 4.5 inches high and 3.75 inches wide. This urn holds approximately 14 cubic inches of material or about one cup.


How do I transfer remains into my urn when it arrives?

When you are ready to put the remains into the urn, you’ll want to gather a few materials like a funnel, scissors and newspaper or towel to place underneath. The remains will be in a thick plastic bag which you will cut and then transfer the remains into the urn using either a funnel or a piece of paper.

We have detailed instructions here.


Can I use my urn for remains processed at another funeral home or direct cremation service?

You have the legal right to use any urn for your cremated loved one. 


Can my urn be stored outside?

The Solace urns are made of fired clay much like a garden pot, but are made to be displayed inside the home and will experience less wear and tear in interior spaces. They also come with a walnut lid which will weather if left outside.


Can the urns be personalized?

Solace urns are currently not customizable, however, we are planning additional models to create more options in the future.


How are the urns created?

Working with 3-D artists, our urns are made with clay, but using 3-D printing technology. They are fired twice and come with a tight-fitting black walnut lid. Though artists use high-tech tools to create them, they also work diligently after the printing process to craft and perfect each detail.


My urn is not big enough, what can I do?

We accept returns if the urn has not been used. You can order additional urns if needed or consider scattering the additional remains or separating a keepsake portion for another use.


How do returns work?

Contact us at urns@solacecares.com if you need to return your urn. We can only accept urns that have not been used. You can find more information on our shipping and returns page.


I have more questions, what do I do?

Email us at urns@solacecares.com